GeBe Maternity Wear

GeBe design team scours the world for new fashion trends and adapts them to maternity wear with high quality and organic materials while maintaining reasonable prices. In each collection, mom candidates can find products for their every need. From ravishing evening dresses to casual daily use clothes like print t-shirts, from surprisingly comfortable jeans to classic maternity pants, can all be found in our collections.

All products regarding pregnancy including sleeping pillows, tankinis, swimsuits and all clothes meets GeBe customers in our retail stores. With its 13 stores located in the most popular shopping malls in Turkey and its trained personnel, GeBe tries to make its customers’ shopping experience top notch. GeBe also listens to mom candidates’ needs and complaints to make customer loyalty a priority and also absorb their ideas and adapt them to design, production and retail. This way, GeBe keeps on growing, everyday reaching more and more customers even away from the retail stores via the Online Store.

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