ABT Textile Headquarters

ABT headquarter offices are the center of the management and operations, all decesions are taken and distrubuted from headquarters. ABT headquarters is home of ABT's design and manufacturing team. ABT built two different showrooms to make better presentations of the new collections to the customers. These showrooms are located in headquartes.

ABT headquarters is specially located at the Istanbul World Trade Center which is next to the Ataturk Airport. Customers from out side of the city or country can easily arrive ABT's headquarters to examine and inspect new collections of the ABT's brands, GeBe maternity and Jasmini Curvy Fashion.

ABT strategically located at IDTM - Istanbul World Trade Center. ABT's headquartes are close to its suppliers and manufacturers to take actions for the possible manufacturing errors. This feature brings great advantage of controlling, monitoring and speeding up production processes.

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